How to take care of the immune system of the elderly

Over the years and inevitably, the immune system of people suffers, and is increasingly sensitive.
It is very important to carry out a series of preventive actions that allow not only to strengthen and protect the immune system, but also to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Strengthening defenses, eating a balanced diet, taking food supplements, in addition to staying in good physical and mental condition, is the best guarantee for our body and immune system. In this way, we are prepared for threats that have a greater impact on the elderly.


Improve the immune system

When you reach an advanced age, in order to improve the immune system there are a series of actions recommended by specialists, mainly based on maintaining a healthy diet, with foods that provide vitamins and minerals, as well as avoiding the intake of alcohol and tobacco.
Likewise, drinking plenty of water and doing daily physical activity such as short walks will help improve the immune system.
You should eat several times a day, in small quantities, and rest adequately at night, respecting the hours of sleep.
Additionally, adopting proactive measures such as avoiding stressful situations and maintaining a positive attitude helps the immune system to be in top shape and alert to any minor health complication that one may have.
Along with all of the above, to take care of the immune system of the elderly, it is also recommended to resort to food supplements that help reinforce these healthy habits, and strengthen defenses against various health problems.

Food supplement to strengthen health

These products are an ideal complement to our daily diet, although it is not the only solution or remedy to strengthen the immune system.
If the above tips are applied and we also include the intake of specific food supplements, it can be a great help to strengthen our immune system.
Especially, all that food supplement, such as Plesinox 3A, which provides beneficial elements for the body, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as other elements such as selenium and different minerals, which strengthen the body and with it the immune system.
It is recommended for the elderly to take food supplements that help combat oxidative damage, avoiding the proliferation of free radicals that, together with oxygen, promote the oxidation of our cells.
Therefore, choosing the best food supplement with the appropriate components and ingredients is the best option for elderly people who combine healthy lifestyle habits with taking these supplements to prevent and strengthen their immune system efficiently and safely.

In short, it is possible to care for the immune system of the elderly in an appropriate way, reinforcing the body’s defenses, especially during the most dangerous times, when it is advisable to resort to the best allies such as food supplements to keep our body in perfect condition.


Remember that your immune system is your best defense to combat any pathology, for this reason it is necessary to keep it in top shape.

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