How to know if you have a good immune system and how to improve it

How to know if you have a good immune system and how to improve it

The immune system is your main ally in protecting you from micro-organisms with the potential to make you sick, so it is easy to see when something is wrong, as you can identify that your body is not functioning in the same way. However, sometimes routine doesn’t allow you to focus on your health as much as you should or to notice your body’s signals.

For this reason, it is common to neglect your condition and even lose habits over time that unintentionally strengthen your immunity, such as drinking water, or maintaining a balanced diet in vitamins and minerals.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, these oversights have repercussions on your immune system, which is responsible for protecting you against diseases caused by external agents, or those caused by procrastination in taking care of yourself.

When something is wrong with your body, you are likely to start showing some symptoms that indicate that your immune system is vulnerable or weakened.

To make sure that your body is in optimal condition to defend you against agents that can make you sick, you can do something as simple as checking that there are no inflammations in your body and atypical pains when you carry out your daily activities.

In addition, you should check that you do not feel exhausted both physically and mentally and, if you are suffering from an illness, check that the treatments against it are working properly once you finish them.

Another very important aspect is to check if you feel exhausted as soon as you wake up, since after a good night’s sleep you should feel in optimal conditions to start your day.


How to record your health status

If you have doubts about how your immune system is doing, you can answer the following questions to yourself to assess whether it is necessary to consult a specialist:


Are you sleeping well?

A proper sleep routine is essential to keep your immunity functioning at its best, with about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day, avoiding too many late nights and cutting down early on the use of phones or distractions.


How do you feed yourself?

Another extremely important factor in taking care of your immune system is your diet, mainly because almost 100% of its preservation depends on the nutrients you incorporate into your daily diet.
Consuming excessive amounts of nutrient-poor foods not only has adverse effects on your weight and well-being, but also progressively undermines your immunity.
To make sure your defences are at their peak, incorporate foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and E, magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium into your diet.


Do you exercise often?

These days, sport and health-related lifestyles are highly publicised, but what many people don’t realise is that, in addition to the visible benefits of exercise, getting your body moving is a great way to strengthen your immune system. It is recommended that you include at least 3 hours of exercise a week to contribute to a strong, fully functioning immune system.

Not only that, but you’ll see the motivating physical gains you’ll make as you keep exercising over time.


Do you drink a lot of coffee?

Coffee is a great ally for many, and a drink that many of us enjoy at different times of the day. However, when coffee intake is excessive, its effects are felt in the long term. Coffee has a huge impact on your health, and it also damages your immune system without you even realising it.


Keep your immune system strong at all times

To take care of your immune system all year round and stay healthy, you should definitely have a good ally.

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And you, how do you help your defences?

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